sorting data on protected worksheet

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 07, 2006 4:31 pm    Post subject: RE: sorting data on protected worksheet
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Pro_D Mike:

You are my hero!

I have been looking at this site for over a month now and finally someone
has said something that makes sense, clear, to the point and best of all it

Keep sharing your wisdom are a wise man.


"Pro_D Mike" wrote:

> I just ran into this same problem, and chose this solution:
> My situation:
> The sheet I'm presenting will change in number of rows (i.e. the range is
> not constant) but will always need all rows sorted when sorted. I am the only
> one changing the data, everyone else just views it in various sorted forms.
> My solution:
> I unlocked all cells, and when protecting the sheet, deselected "select
> unlocked cells" and selected "sort". This way the user can sort the rows as
> they need (excel will automatically select all rows to sort when they choose
> sort), but they cannot select any of the cells, therefore cannot edit the
> values or formulae. There is a header row, but excel lets the user remove the
> header row from the sort during the sort dialogue.
> This worked for my situation, so I thought I would present it here in case
> it helps anyone...
> "Sue" wrote:
> > Excel 2003 worksheet
> > I have data in B1 being the header row through to Y366.
> > I have selected all cells and unlocked them. I have then selected B1:Y1 and
> > locked them as they are my header row.
> > I then went tools,protection,allow users to edit and input a range of
> > B2:Y366. did not want to give password permission, clicked apply and then
> > clicked protect sheet and checked unlocked cells and sort and then OK.
> > When I then go to sort data it tells me "The cell or chart you are trying to
> > change is protected and therefore read-only."
> > To modify a protected cell or chart, first remove protection using the
> > Unprotect the sheet command (Tools menu, Protection submenu)> You may be
> > prompted for a password.
> > What am I doing wrong. Should it not sort even though the protection is on
> > if I have a user range input?
> > Someone please help.
> > I did have columns hidden but they have all be displayed prior to the first
> > step as above.
> > I want it protected as I have formula's that will be tucked away on my
> > hidden columns that I don't want people to get to and wipe by mistake.
> > Thanks
> > Sue
> >
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