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PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2006 2:00 pm    Post subject: Outlook e-Mail Signature Styles
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I believe this is more a Word question than Outlook and so have posted here.

I am currently setting up standard formatted company e-Mail signatures in
Outlook for multiple domain users on a SBS 2003 Server Network. The
signatures also include a company a logo.

The default e-Mail editor is Word 2003. As such any attempt to format
signatures using Outlook standard editor has little direct influence on the
appearance of the final inserted e-Mail signatures, which is understandable.

Editing and Formatting the signatures in Word has a more direct result in
the final outcome, however the font, font size, etc. always reverts to Words
standard Normal Style (when inserting signature), even if additional
formatting is applied while editing/saving the signature in Word.

First question is why does this occur, even though the signature formats are
correctly saved in Word?

I have managed to get round this by creating a Style called 'EMail', based
on the Normal Style, and saving to template. Then applying this
style to the signatures and saving retains the formatting (font, font size,

Second question (assuming an 'e-Mail' Normal based Style is required) is how
can I distribute this Style to all uses without having to do
manually on each station?

I have reviewed various other posts (including ref. to site),
however there doesnt appear to be a straight forward way to distribute Styles
to each users without the use of macro's/scripts or the like.

Have I missed something fundamental here, the above seems a very longwinded
way to simply create formatted signatures using Word as the default editor.

I have a followup questions re. managing distribution of these Outlook
Signatures to all domain users, in order to avoid manual setup at each
station, and
how they are related to Word autotext signatures, however this is probably
best posted in the Outlook discussion group.

Any help from someone who may have already gone through this would be

Craig W
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