March 5 2010 COOLSITES Newsletter #259 Mark Donaldson

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:17 pm    Post subject: March 5 2010 COOLSITES Newsletter #259 Mark Donaldson

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March 5 2010 COOLSITES Newsletter #259 Mark Donaldson

You can now find this newsletter online at which has a Google search box and language translator. It will be uploaded every Saturday morning. However if my web host's filter objects to anything it will 404

Subscribers get the full newsletter on Friday. Saturday I will publish the full newsletter on Lockergnome's Cool Web Links forum at:
Past newsletters can only be found there

To subscribe please go to

To search past newsletters please go to my home page and use the Google search box


Security News and Links

Microsoft is cautioning users not to download fake versions of Microsoft Security Essentials, which are similarly named to the original, but are in fact rogue:

Microsoft is warning XP users not to use the F1 key. Pressing the key can trigger a new flaw discovered in Internet Explorer. A malicious site may prod users into pressing F1:

New 'Chuck Norris' Botnet Infects Routers, Modems:

Panopticlick tests your browser to see how unique it is based on the information it will share with sites it visits:

Survey Police - Identify Online Survey Scams, Rank Online Survey Panels:

TrendMicro Antivirus. Click on the right hand buttons to enjoy 12 month free trial products for PC or Mac:

Update. COMODO Internet Security 4.0 Firewall + AntiVirus Suites Adware! Offers to install ASK toolbar:

Update. Dr.Web CureIt! 5.0.0 (02.27.2010):

Update. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (02-27-2010):

Update. Microsoft Security Essentials for Vista-7 (32-bit) 1.0.1961:

Update. Norman Malware Cleaner 2010.02.27:

Update. ScareAware

I get these links and news from good sources however I do not test the programs myself because I just don't have the time. The definitive source of rogue info is Spyware Warrior- Rogue-Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites:

Consumer News and Links

Just another good reason to subscribe and get this info before it expires


Time to Rethink Taking that Daily Low Dose Aspirin
How to Find Out if Your Bank is Healthy
Which Coffee Brands Taste Best?
Ads Make Two New Free Music Sites Possible
NADA Lists Best Buy Cars for 2010
Tomato Shortage Leads to Price Hike, Naked Burgers
4G Cell Networks: Not So Quick (Speeds, Deployment)
Some Bargains Come Only via Tweets
Prepaid College Plans May Leave Parents with a Bill
Las Vegas Home Bargains Drying Up
Protection from Overdraft Protection Coming in August
Space Age Range Morphs and Eliminates Pots
Safest Neighborhoods in America's Top 50 Cities
MagicJack Loses Suit over Blogger's Criticism
Docs Want a Choke-Proof Hot Dog
Yelp Review Site Sued for "Extortion Scheme"
Don't Tell Julia Child: Robots Learn to Cook
Summary of Forthcoming Overdraft Rules for Debit/ATM Cards
Could Users of Social Media Face Higher Insurance Costs?
Should You Invest in an Unlocked Cell Phone?
Toyota to Offer Free Rental/Pick-up
Remote Deposit Capture (Deposit Checks from Home) Coming
How to Find the Most Comfortable Airline Seat
16 Tips to Save Money on Home Improvements
FTC Orders New Disclosures on "Free" Credit Report Sites
Continental Eliminates Paper Boarding Passes UK to US
Obama Backs Off Demand for Standalone Consumer Agency
How Healthy is Your County?
Sometimes Too Much Consumer Choice is Not a Good Thing

A time for taxes. We took a look at both the online and desktop versions of three do-it-yourself tax prep applications:

Beware of Double Credit Card Charges. same purchase being charged to your card twice:

Fire your credit card co. Clark gives you his picks:

Free Medium Papa Johns Pizza Coupon at Top Savings:

Lower student loan rates. You can save big:

Mouse Print. Wal-mart Saves on Groceries, But You Call This Proof:

Sally Beauty Sale Flyer:,default,pg.html?cgid=Specials

Shock as Weight Watchers OKs McDonald's Food:,2933,587798,00.html

Zeer. Find ingredients, nutrition info and gluten free foods:

Clif Notes Newsletter for February 2010

Hi everyone,

I've got quite a bit for you to read this month, so take your time. You don't have to read it all in one sitting.

This month’s articles:

Global Hotkeys for Windows Media Player
Security Advice From McAfee That You May Not Want
Back Up Your Registry in Case of Disaster – ERUNT
Portable Sticky Notes for Your Desktop – hott notes
Hundreds of Free Smileys – The Smiley Vault
Locking Programs and Files with a Password – SaveIt
Online Security Scan in Less Than Two Minutes
WinPatrol Lifetime License for 99¢ – One Day Only
How To Repair Your Default Image FileTypes
Defragging the Easy Way – Disk Defrag Screen Saver
Free Clipboard Manager and Personal Database – Ditto
Create Animated Gifs with UnFREEZ
Find Files Fast with UltraSearch
Easily Create Personal Web Pages with No Signup at Webnotes


Windows Secrets Newsletter

Free content posted on March 4, 2010:

By Brian Livingston
All subscribers get a Windows 7 e-book, free

By Woody Leonhard
Get help from the Windows Reliability Monitor
Using Reliability Monitor to solve real problems
Mining your system's info with the Event Viewer

By Tracey Capen
Windows 7 generates many and varied questions
The most-interesting questions raised this week

By Stephanie Small
How to make eating truly mindless

You get all of the following in our paid content:

By Fred Langa
More on where Windows 7 puts important files
Scattering temp files improves Win7 security
Problems installing Office 2007 on Win7 PCs
Working with FLAC audio is not that difficult
When to upgrade a BIOS, and why you'd do it

By Ian "Gizmo" Richards
What — or who — is using your connection?
Monitoring tools for watching Internet traffic
Windows tools and firewalls meter traffic
Firewalls help, but still have security holes

By Scott Dunn
Tailor Windows to work the way you do
Customizing Windows 7's new Aero Peek control
Ease of Access Center turns off Aero Snap
Customize shut-down options in Vista and Win 7
Launch documents full-screen automatically

Get our paid content by making any contribution. There's no fixed fee! Contribute whatever it's worth to you Readers who make a financial contribution of any amount by Nov. 11, 2009, will immediately receive the latest issue of our full, paid newsletter and 12 months of new paid content. Pay as much or as little as you like — we want as many people as possible to have this information

A portion of your support helps children in developing countries. Each month, we send a full year of sponsorship to a different child. Your contributions in October are helping us to sponsor Joannah, a 5-year-old girl from the Philippines. Children International channels development aid from donors to Joannah and her community. We also sponsor kids through Save the Children and Plan USA

COOLSITES 88 cool links

I harvest what I believe to be the best links from the best sources that are safe, fun, informative, useful and just plain cool. I categorize them and edit their descriptions for clarity. I may make comments about the links but you will know when I do because I always sign them with "Mark".

10 Things Your Primary Care Doctor Won't Tell You:

A measure for the multiverse - physics-math - 03 March 2010 - New Scientist:

Actor Randy Quaid, wife want apology for arrest:

Add A Text Box In Word – The Efficient Way:

All sides agree to donate O.J. suit to Smithsonian:

Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight heal their rift:

Astronomically large lenses measure the age and size of the universe:

Child services probes stun gun at Jackson home:

Chilean quake may have shortened Earth days:

Create Fractions In Word:

Dark matter could meet its nemesis on Earth - space - 01 March 2010 - New Scientist:

Former Enron CEO Could Face New Trial:,2933,587626,00.html

Former Wisconsin Mayor Gets Prison Sentence for Internet Sex Sting:,2933,587929,00.html

Free Book. Kindle Store, Booth's Sister by Jane Singer:

Free Music. Soundcheck Acceso Total - María José:

Free Music.Soundcheck - Blake Shelton:

Free Music.Soundcheck Risers - Jason Derülo:

Free Music.Soundcheck Risers - Josh Thompson:

Funny Feedback. 50 per cent less fat than fat - 03 March 2010 - New Scientist:

House ethics committee has concluded that Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel knowingly accepted Caribbean trips in violation of House rules that forbid hidden financing by corporations:

-Hurt Locker- producer punished for Oscar violation:

-Hurt Locker- producers sued days before Oscars:

Jay Leno- ‘It’s good to be home’:

LAPD Apologizes to Kennedy Family for RFK Exhibit:,2933,587836,00.html Download Live MP3 and FLAC Shows: - Funny 2.0. Every time you reload the page, something different will appear:

Mac Freeware:

Marie Osmond in 'disbelief' over son's suicide:

Marie Osmond’s son commits suicide:

Mars rover Spirit could rise again - space - 02 March 2010 - New Scientist:

MedHelp - Pill Identifier. Identify Prescription Drugs and OTC Medication:

Michael Douglas' son Cameron's drug problems stem from 'dysfunctional upbringing':

'Miracle on the Hudson' pilot Sullenberger retires:

Near-frictionless diamond material created using nanotechnology:

New York governor charged with breaking ethics law:

New. amaze 1.1.3 Generate and print simple mazes. Includes binary installers for Ubuntu and Windows XP:

New. BumpTop 3D desktop enhancement- Organize, customize, be productive. BumpTop is a fun, intuitive 3D desktop that keeps you organized and makes you more productive:

New. Comodo Dragon Internet Browser. Fast and versatile Internet Browser based on Chromium, infused with Comodo´s unparalleled level of Security:

New. Extended Character Keyboard. OnscreenSCK 1.0 beta onscreen keyboard that allows you to enter special characters:

New. Hornil StylePix, or simply StylePix, is a free image editor with a number of advanced features:

New. SmartCallMonitor is phone monitoring software. It automatically tries to match incoming phone calls with data stored in your Microsoft Outlook contacts to provide you with information about the caller:

New. Xp Tweaks Unlocked Freeware - Xp Tweaks - Microsoft Windows Tweaking - Tweak Microsoft Windows - Tweaking Software:

Nikon Universcale. Today, using the electron microscope and astronomical telescope, we can see the objects which we have not been aware of its existence before:

No charges for Naomi Campbell in NYC driver flap:

No signal heard during first day of resumed listening for Phoenix Mars Lander:

NY Gov. Paterson won't seek new term:

NYPD investigating Seinfeld parking placard. New York Police Department is investigating why a Bronx police placard was displayed in comedian Jerry Seinfeld's car:

Obama yet to kick smoking habit, should eat better:

Quantum physics breakthrough- Scientists find an equation for materials innovation:

Rep. Charles Rangel refuses to step aside after ethics slap:

Russian Olympic boss quits after worst showing:

Senate impasse puts federal employees out of work:

Smithsonian rejects donation of O.J. suit to Smithsonian:

Student Aid on the Web:

Three sweet software deals for Mac's:

Tiger Woods dropped by Gatorade:

Tiger Woods returns home after counseling with wife:

Tiger's caddy 'mad' at his boss over scandal:

Universe's high-energy haze gets murkier - space - 03 March 2010 - New Scientist:

Update. CheatBook Issue 03-2010 Cheat Codes, Cheats, Cheatsbook, Hints, Tips, Cheat Book, PC-Games:

Update. Client for Google Translate 4.4.350:

Update. Cobian Backup Beta:

Update. Core FTP LE 2.1.1643 ftp client:

Update. EditPad Lite 6.6.2 text editor. Free Text Editor for Windows:

Update. foobar2000 v1.0.1 Beta 2 audio player:

Update. Fresh UI 8.51 tweaking tool. Configure and optimize your Windows system (Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98, 95, NT).:

Update. HWiNFO32 3.43 hardware information and diagnostic tool:

Update. Miranda IM 0.8.16 multi protocol instant messenger client. Smaller, Faster, Easier:

Update. MozillaHistoryView 1.20:

Update. NolaPro Free Web Accounting 4.0.5432 Free Web-Based NolaPro:

Update. Opera 10.50 web browser:

Update. OperaCacheView 1.36 cache viewer for Opera Web browser:

Update. OrangeCD Player 6.4.1 CD player. music database software for cataloging your CD collection:

Update. Paint.NET 3.5.4 image and photo manipulation software:

Update. Q-Dir 4.09 file manager:

Update. Recuva 1.36 restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer. Use the portable edition. it has no adware. Mark.:

Update. Red Button 3.92 program for Windows optimization:

Update. RedCrab 1.23 scientific calculator with full screen formula editor:

Update. Star System Simulator 2.3 perform 3D simulations of planetary positions using Euler-Cromer and Runge-Kutta 4th order methods:

Update. Sysinternals Suite 03-03-10 Sysinternals troubleshooting utilities:

Update. SystemExplorer 2.1 all you need to know about the system:

Update. TwistedBrush Open Studio 16.17 brush engines:

Update. VideoCacheView 1.55 extract the video file from the cache and save it for watching it in the future:

Update. XnView 1.97.2 multimedia viewer, browser and converter:

What Are the Latest Tax Scam Targets.

Wikibooks is a Wikimedia community for creating a free library of educational textbooks that anyone can edit:

Women's group asks N.Y. Gov. Paterson to resign:

Word Bytes - Free Edition March 1, 2010:

Please visit my website at:

To all of those who are fighting for or have fought for freedom you have my undying respect and thanks
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